Lead Form Optimization: How Simplifying a 3-Step Form Generated a 30% Conversion Lift


http://www.linkedin.com/in/michalaagaardLet’s face it – filling out forms sucks. Nobody really enjoys it. Nevertheless, a lot of people endure it because it’s the only way get to the good stuff “behind the form”. The easier and simpler you make the process of filling out your forms, the more conversions you are likely to get.

Here’s a case study where simplifying a 3-step lead gen form increased the completion rate by 30%. I made extensive changes to the form, and in this post we’ll go over all of them one by one. Check out the case study and use it as inspiration for your own experiments.Continue Reading

Case Study – 18.59% Increase in Downloads by Tweaking one Bullet Point

18.59% Increase in Downloads by Tweaking One Bullet PointYou don’t necessarily need to make radical changes in order to impact the decisions and actions of your prospects. Often relatively small but strategic changes to critical elements can have major impact on conversions.

Here’s a cool little case study where tweaking the copy in one bullet point increased downloads on an ebook landing page by 18.59%.Continue Reading

Case Study – 64.53% More Downloads by Moving the Testimonials on an Ebook Landing Page

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 19.08.39Testimonials can be an effective tool for overcoming friction. However, there are several factors you need to consider if you want the full impact of your testimonials. Placement is one of them.

Here’s an interesting little case study where changing the placement of reader testimonials on an ebook landing page increased downloads by 64.53%Continue Reading

Test Your Gut Feeling – Which Landing Page Generated Most Downloads?

Test Your Gut FeelingHi Marketer – Let’s find out how good your marketing intuition is!

I’m going to show you two different variations of a landing page that I recently tested. One variation outperformed the other significantly in an A/B test. Can you guess which variant did best in the test?

Post a comment with your best guesstimate. I’ll post the test results next week, so you can find out how accurate your gut feeling was.Continue Reading

8 Simple Online Copywriting Case Studies with Examples from Real A/B Tests

8 simple online copywriting case studies with examples from real A/B testsOver the last 4 years I’ve conducted more than 250 A/B tests focusing on copywriting, and how copy impacts conversions. The main lesson I’ve learned from all this research is that your copy has direct and measurable impact on conversion.

For this article, I’ve picked out 8 very simple case studies for you where minor copy changes resulted in significant conversion lifts. Check them out and get inspiration for low-hanging fruits in your own conversion funnel.Continue Reading

How Your Privacy Policy Affects Sign-Ups – Surprising Data From 4 Different A/B Tests

How Your Privacy Policy Affects ConversionI recently tested four different privacy policies on a sign-up form on the home page of a betting community. The results were quite surprising as the variations had drastically different impact on sign-ups – from an 18.70% drop in sign-ups to an increase of 19.47%.

In this article I’ll show all four variations, run you through the test data, and give you concrete takeaways.Continue Reading

10 Call-to-Action Case Studies w/ Takeaways & Examples from Real Button Tests

10 call-to-action case studiesWhen it comes to conversion rate optimization, your call-to-action buttons are the ultimate low-hanging fruit. Even minor tweaks to button design and copy can have major impact on conversions.

Here are 10 examples from A/B tests I’ve conducted, where I’ve experimented with everything from copy and button design over to the placement of the button.

Continue Reading

Online Copywriting that Converts – 5 Lessons from 250 A/B Tests

Over the last 4 years I’ve conducted more than 250 A/B tests focusing on copywriting, and how copy impacts conversions. I’ve experimented with everything from headlines and body copy, over to form/button copy and everything in between.

Here are the 5 main lessons I’ve learned from this extensive research.


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Case Study – 31.54% More Conversions by Tweaking the Copy on a Sign-Up Form

Optimizing sign-up forms isn’t just about removing fields. The form copy itself has direct and measurable effect on your conversion rate, and even small tweaks can have significant impact on the decisions and actions of your potential customers.

This case study illustrates how a few simple form copy tweaks increased conversions on a betting forum by 31.54%.Continue Reading

How Long Should a Landing Page Be? Simple tips for getting it right – with case studies

Should I go long or short-form? Is there too much content on my landing page? Should I write more copy?

If you find yourself asking these questions over and over again, you’re in luck! Because this article will help you find the answer – every time.Continue Reading