Case Study – 18.59% Increase in Downloads by Tweaking one Bullet Point

18.59% Increase in Downloads by Tweaking One Bullet PointYou don’t necessarily need to make radical changes in order to impact the decisions and actions of your prospects. Often relatively small but strategic changes to critical elements can have major impact on conversions.

Here’s a cool little case study where tweaking the copy in one bullet point increased downloads on an ebook landing page by 18.59%.

Background info

A few months ago, I published a free ebook, 7 Universal Conversion Optimization Principles. Being the test junkie that I am, I started tweaking, testing and optimizing the ebook landing page right away.

I’ve experimented with everything from privacy policies and button color to headlines and testimonials. The most recent test was particularly interesting as it revolved around a very simple copy tweak that ended up having major impact on conversions.

How I came up with the treatment

My iPad is packed with awesome free ebooks that I really want to read. Unfortunately, I rarely have time to sit down and actually read them. In fact, I’d say that time is a barrier that impacts my decision every time I’m about to download free ebook.

I figured that I couldn’t be the only person with this problem. Therefore I hypothesized that I could increase downloads by emphasizing the fact that my ebook only takes about 25 minutes to read.

After messing around with different treatments and ideas, I realized that the main challenge was finding the right spot to address the time issue. The fact that the book is an easy read is not the main selling point, so I didn’t want it to be the overriding message.

To get inspiration, I turned to – a clever new tool that helps predict how visitors look at your web pages. The Eyequant analysis suggested that the first few words in the first bullet point would attract initial attention from visitors, and I decided to tweak the bullet copy towards addressing the time issue.


The variations 

Control bullet copy:

Insights and experience from 4 years of research and over 350 A/B tests distilled into one 26-page free ebook

Treatment bullet copy:

Read the book in just 25 minutes and get insights from 4 years of research and over 350 A/B tests

Bullet copy - control vs. treatment


Test hypothesis 

By tweaking the copy in the first bullet point to directly address the “time issue”, I can motivate more visitors to download the ebook and increase the conversion rate of the landing page.

Test design and results 

In order to examine whether my hypothesis would hold water, I set up a simple A/B test where the only variable was the copy in the first bullet point.

I ran the test for 20 days and reached a statistical confidence level of 98%. During the test period, the book was downloaded 391 times.

The test data confirmed my hypothesis as the treatment increased downloads by 18.59%.

Test results - control bullet copy vs. treatment


Addressing the mental barriers of your target audience is an effective tool for increasing conversions. Moreover, small tweaks can have major impact on the decisions and actions of your prospects, IF those tweaks are applied strategically to critical elements and address relevant questions or pain points.

This case study is just one example, however it is representative of the tendency I see across hundreds of split tests. If you want to learn more about when and how small changes impact conversion, check out my free ebook 7 Universal Optimization principlesyou can read it in just 25 minutes ;-)



  1. Awesome test Michael. I wonder what the result will be if you changed the point to be even more point first.

    Say “A short 25 minute quick read will get you insights from over 4 years of research and over 300 A/B tests”.

    Worth a test? :)

  2. Sharleen Kneeland says:

    There is so much info out there now I am finding myself overloaded with reading (and video watching) and it’s only going to get worse as content becomes more important to the big G. This is a great point as I’m sure quick and easily read things will definitely be the way of the future. People just want to get to the main points (and fast); although I guess there is always a bit of room for a good story in there as well.
    This is great point

  3. Hi Michael, great test idea and excellent result. Time is just one of so many mental barriers that audiences may be facing, and this emphasises the importance of really putting yourself in their shoes when A/B testing. I’m printing this out and adding it to my ‘Genius Ideas’ file!

  4. Excellent article…I do not think enough people test results with proper documentation and a goal in mind. Case studies are always great reads thanks again!

  5. F*cking amazing ;). Shows that people DO read the fine print and proves that literally every word on the page is important.

    Love it Michael.

  6. It’s incredible what a difference a few words can do.

  7. Woow !! Really surprised like how the minutest of detail will come in handy in conversion .. Came here from unbounce top internet marketing blogs .. Great site .. Awesome content !! Hats off !!

    • Michael Aagaard says:

      Thanks Ramnath – I’m glad you found the post useful!

      Yes, in some cases small changes can have large impact on the decision-making process of your potential customers. The tricky part is identifying when and where small changes have large impact ;-)

      – Michael

  8. I’ve been talking to the folks over at eye quant. It looks like a great too and I think I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing about this.

    (To add some actual value to this comment :) Pro Tip: The team at Eyequant told me that you can use this tool to pitch prospective clients. You can run a test against a prospect’s current landing page designs and Eyequant will show you how to improve those designs. Apparently some firms equate 30% of new accounts to this approach.

    • Michael Aagaard says:

      Hi Bryant – yes, Eyequant can definitely give you some interesting insight.

      That’s a good tip, the same can be said for user tests and session recordings. Showing clients how their own visitors are not converting, is a pretty good strategy for getting them excited about optimization ;-)

      – Michael

  9. It’s pretty incredible how small a change you have to do to have a great result

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