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1. Content Marketing

Content or Inbound marketing is all the hype right now. Blogs, Twitter accounts and youtube channels spurting up everywhere and marketers are racing to come up with the next “viral” idea.

But the truth is that Content Marketing isn’t about having blog with a bunch of SEO articles or creating something that gets a ton of “shares”. Content Marketing is about loving what you do so much that you’re compelled to tell the whole world how you can help them. It’ about respecting your product or service to such a degree that you can be honest and adress every single issue or question that your potential customers might have.

Having said that, I’d better cut the cheese talk here, and address the question that’s probably in your mind right now “How do I turn my enthusiasm and expert knowledge into marketable content that will turn visitors into loyal customers?” The easy answer here is “Follow this blog and learn”.

I’ll be interviewing some of the most passionate content marketers out there and passing on their knowledge to you in the form of podcasts. Also, I’ll be sharing my own experience from building a successul consultant business with my blog as the sole marketing platform.

2. Copywriting

Your copy has a direct and measurable effect on everything from your search engine rankings to your conversion rate. The internet is still mostly a written medium, and I’m baffled by how little time and effort online marketers actually put into understanding what works and what their potential customers react to.

Most of the stuff that’s available is based on generalizations and Best Practices or pseudo-scientific studies from previous decades. Since 2008, I’ve conducted hundreds of experiments and split tests specifically on copy, and most of the results I’ve gotten are directly opposite to what the general copywriting or marketing handbook will have you think. In some cases, I’ve been able to achieve lifts of as much as 500% just by tweaking a few lines of copy.

I have a large back catalogue of case studies and split tests and new ones coming in every week. I’ll be sharing as much as possible here on the blog in the form of videos and written posts.

3. Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversions are paramount to your online success. Whether a conversion on your site counts as a “share”, a download, a sale, a sign-up, or even just a click, that conversion is ultimately what your entire online business revolves around.

Therefore it’s crucial that you constantly work scientifically towards getting a greater and greater understanding of your potential customers and what makes them “convert” from curious visitors to paying customers and/or loyal followers.

If you’re not working actively with optimizing your conversion rate, you’re relying on pockets of ignorance and guesswork – and I think we all agree: “That isn’t the safest business strategy in the world.”

Apart from sharing my own case studies and experience, ContentVerve.com features guest posts, and interviews with some of the top marketing scientists and optimizers out there.